Digitized Fish Welfare

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CreateView Digitizes the Aquaculture Industry


We combine our drive for technology and sustainable development to offer our customers and partners more accurate fish Health- and welfare data at a favorable price.


Customer value

Digitized Fish Welfare - Daily Control

  • Lice Control

  • Welfare detection

  • Reports

  • Objective results

cview eye

CView Eye - Your eye in the cage

High quality camera acquire high resolution images. The images is sent to our Inelligent Analysis software to detect lice (Grown Up Female, Movable and Stationary) and welfare indicators.

cview analytics

CView Analytics - Web based Dashboard

CView Analystics gives your organization access to the measured data from everywhere. Secure Web based system with drilldown functionality.

 Customer value

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  • Day to day Control of Your Fish in CView Analytic

  • Follow trends over time

  • Gives time to take preventive actions

  • Easy to use sensor

  • Easy Access to data in DashBoard

 CView eye

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CView eye - Your eye in the Cage!

  • Innovative Design

  • High Resolution Camera

  • Custom Light

  • Artificial Intelligence to detect and classify

  • Trained on thousands of Images

  • Results sent securely to the Cloud

 Cview analytic


cview analytic - web based dashboar

  • Web based DashBoard for visualization of the results

  • Traffic light-based decision support system

  • Secure system

  • Module based

  • “Drilldown” functionality

  • Intuitively designed system