Artificial intelligence
for the ocean

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CreateView changes the way we take care of life in the ocean


We combine our drive for technology and sustainable development to offer our customers and partners more accurate fish Health- and welfare data at a favorable price.


Fish Health

CreateView's welfare sensor detects sea lice and welfare indicators so that fish farmers can take action to avoid infections and provide treatment for the fish.


By developing innovative technology and creating key partnerships, CreateView contributes the technology and important alliances that we need to create a healthier and more sustainable marine environment.


Automated sea lice counting and monitoring of the fish represents a win-win situation for the fish, the environment and the management of fisheries. There are several reasons why sustainability pays off and contributes to profitable growth.

 Fish Health



CreateView's welfare sensor detects welfare indicators and sea lice status of the fish so that fish farmers can take action at an early stage.

Finding solutions for the many biological challenges will enhance the potential we have along our coast to produce healthy and safe food. Our ambition is to gather the best knowledge and expertise so that we can lead the way in finding new, smart solutions.

We aim to be a responsible player and we are focused on the entire value chain, to enable us to make decisions based on an overall assessment.


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We take a global approach to the issue of sustainability

The world needs to change rapidly in terms of sustainable practices, and we want to lead the way towards necessary restructuring in the aquaculture industry.

Our solutions can be used to exploit ocean resources in new, smart and profitable ways. We believe our strength lies just as much in technical expertise as in our sustainability competence. Knowledge enables us to see risks and opportunities for customers and partners.

By developing innovative technology and creating key partnerships, CreateView provides the technology and alliances needed to create a healthier and more sustainable marine environment.


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Sustainable business is profitable business

Digitization of operative welfare indicators increases profitability

Fish welfare can be measured using health status, physiological records and behaviour. New technology provides improved control and better management, which improves the welfare of the fish, and in turn increases profitability. The fish are our most important stakeholder when we develop our technology. Healthy fish are key to a healthy aquaculture business.