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Our overall goal is create value for Our partners, but with less environmental impact

Aquaculture needs to develop technologically if it is to meet the requirement for increased profitability and more sustainable food Production.



Liv-Hege Seglsten

Liv-Hege Seglsten is the CEO of the company. She holds a Master's degree in Green Growth and competitiveness from BI Norwegian Business School. She has experience from business development, finance & management and R&D, and has worked with many different issues and projects related to sustainable business models and the circular economy

Tlf: 917 73 360

Even Bringsdal

The founder and technology manager (CTO) of the company is Even Bringsdal. He holds an M.Sc. from NLH/UMB with specialization in image analysis and pattern recognition, regulation technique and food technology. Bringsdal has 12 years of experience from innovation in the aquaculture industry.   

Tlf: 916 16 266

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CreateView wants to take a greater responsibility in the value chain than traditional companies do. We will strive to help change attitudes, and therefore we cooperate with NGOs that share our drive and ambition for a more sustainable marine environment. Life below water is under severe pressure because of human activity. CreateView wants industries and the general public to safeguard the ocean and be reminded that the it is our most important resource.

The planetary boundaries and especially UNDP Sustainable Development Goal 14 – Life Below Water, are important roadmaps for us. We have a sustainable business model with clear strategies for a triple bottom line.

CreateView will always pursue the most environmentally friendly options for transport, energy and materials. Our products are designed for recycling and are manufactured with recycled materials.



Advisory Board

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Our Advisory Board

We have an advisory board that informs, inspires and updates the company in areas related to fish health and welfare, environment, technology, law, ethics and sustainability. AI will probably drive major changes in the years to come. We want to take responsibility for managing this in a way that benefits the fish, the fish farmers, aquaculture and consumers. Difficult and interesting questions are raised by our independent advisory board.


Expertise and experience

  • Karen Landmark, RD&I Manager & EU Advisor NCE iKuben. PhD Management and Sustainability

  • Pia Ve Dahlen, Academic Leader Passion for Ocean. M.Sc Marine Biology

  • Trygve Poppe, Professor emeritus at NMBU, Expert Adviser Fish Health

  • Asle Hammerdal, FoU leader AquaGen AS. M.Sc Eng. Cybernetics

  • Jelena Kolarevik, Researcher Nofima. Phd Developmental Biology

  • Henning Eik Tomren, Lawyer PwC. M.Sc jurisprudence and law

  • Einar Duenger Bøhn, Professor philosophy UiO, PhD philosophy


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