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 what is the problem?


Sea lice are ectoparasites that feed off the skin and flesh of salmon. They represent one of the most significant challenges that the salmon aquaculture industry is currently facing. Estimated sea lice-related economic losses for the salmon industry worldwide amount to USD 430 million per annum (Costello, 2009).
Lice attach to salmon skin causing wounds and entailing an increased risk of secondary infections that can lead to mortality.

Today, sea lice counting is performed manually. An ISO standard for counting sea lice is specified, however data show that there are large differences in average counts of lice per fish, both between personnel and between the dates when counts are performed.
With 3500 operating cages across Norway, this method is both labour- and cost-intensive and leads to excessive or inappropriate treatment due to poor data quality. Variation in manual sea lice counting and its cost, which is estimated at 70–80 FTEs for the entire Norwegian salmon industry, indicate the need for a more objective, automatized method of counting lice.

Sustainable growth

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A sensor with advanced AI technology is carefully lowered into the sea cage. The sensor consists of a high-resolution image camera. Data from the system provide the basis for continuous monitoring and analyses from historical data. Data can be easily shared and reported to the Ministry of Health and Care Services and others who need this information.
The solution entails minimal manual handling and stress for the fish. When the fish swims past the sensor it will detect injuries, lice and any irregular behaviour. This means that signs of disease can be detected at very early stages and handled at the least harmful level.

Our solution takes the industry an important step further in a sustainable direction. Our fish health system opens up new preventive methods with an individually based focus on fish welfare. Parasites such as lice, as well as disease, injuries and wounds, deformities and behaviour can be monitored. The sensor allows for action to be taken at an early stage.




Our customers are fish farmers working in the aquaculture industry. We have signed a contract with AquaGen AS as our pilot customer, with product development and commercialization in the first phase. CreateView also partners with Nofima, one of the largest institutes in Europe for applied research within the fields of fisheries, aquaculture and food research.

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